Master Franchise

Why we are seeking Master Franchise Partners?

We at Perfectcar strongly believe that water is our most precious resource. As such we have spent many years refining our eco-friendly waterless Cleaning and Valeting business to help negate the world’s current and predicted water-shortages and water pollution problems.

And in doing so, we are providing our existing and new global franchise partners with a hugely successful business model that offers a high return on investment and increasing and ongoing passive income.

With this in mind we are looking for ambitious business partners who share the same values, who look outside of common conventions and who are looking to invest in a lucrative Master Franchise opportunity for their chosen country or region. Our vision is that ,together with our Master franchise partners, we will establish Perfectcar as “the” global household and business name associated with pristine cleaning and valeting services for every type of transportation available ... from motorbikes and cars through to jumbo jets and large ships!

What are we looking for in a Master Franchise partner?

As a potential owner of the Master Franchise for your country or region, ideally you should have strong relationships with, and be able to penetrate, some or all of the following markets:

Petrol station chains
Car park management companies at shopping malls, airports etc.
Car park management at Office blocks, Condominiums, Apartments
Car dealerships / car rental companies
Private and governmental fleets
Large corporations and stadiums
Aircraft fleets including private jets
Boat yards/ Marinas / Yacht management companies
Railway management companies
Other country specific opportunities

It is our focus, and will become yours, to maintain Perfectcar as the number one brand in the transportation cleaning industry within your chosen country / region.

Why choose to invest in a Master Franchise with us?

As “the” holder of the Master Franchise for your country or region, you will be in a position to dominate the eco-friendly, waterless cleaning and valeting market through your existing contacts/contracts:

In petrol stations, office blocks, malls, fleet management companies, airports, boatyards, yacht management companies, railway management companies etc.

Anticipated Monthly passive revenue to Master Franchisee owner from product sales to sub-franchisees:

100 outlets            USD 10,000 – 14,000
500 outlets            USD 50,000 – 70,000
1000 outlets          USD 100,000 – 140,000

What are the business success factors?

It helps promote your brand as a leader in innovation and global eco-friendly/water-wise awareness

Perfectcar has a proven highly-successful track-record of working in partnership with large organisations, chains and ambitions individuals

This is a unique opportunity to gain a competitive advantage by being at the forefront of the imminent and unavoidable eco-friendly and water-wise transition of our world

It is a professional waterless cleaning system that gives better results than a traditional water-based car/transport wash systems

There will be further opportunity for retail product sales for the retail market

If viable, future Manufacturing of the products can be produced locally at minimal cost (saving of importation fees and taxes)

Moderate running costs e.g. product cost USD 0,30-0,45 cent for an outside/inside car wash and up to USD 2,00 for a car valet

Low setup costs, high ROI

No matter if you have 20 outlets or 2000, our concept is scalable

Our service offers your customers a hugely convenient way to have their mode of transportation cleaned to a highly professional standard

Maintenance of standards through constant monitoring

Fall in line with future water Taxation Levels

Perfectcar car go anywhere ... it is a totally mobile service

Better results than traditional water-wash systems

Low-cost local product manufacturing

Low running and setup costs

Can access areas where conventional car washes are forbidden

High Return on Investment

Income from Franchise Sales

Long term passive income from product sales

What are we offering you as a Master Franchisee?

The sole & exclusive rights to use and operate under the Perfectcar’s brand within your chosen country

The right to resell bundled and single licenses to the likes of petrol station chains, car park operators etc. within the specified region

100% of the franchise resell revenue goes to the master franchisee

Greatly reduced wholesale prices on Perfectcar’s innovative high quality waterless cleaning products

Long-term and increasing passive income from Product Sales to franchisees

Use of Perfectcar’s business model; A tried and tested model with sustainable track record

The possibility to produce locally

Perfectcar will conduct extensive Perfectcar In-house Training Academy of Excellence (PITAE) training course(s) to key members of your team Perfectcar P.I.T.A.E. manual

Suggestions of staff management Sales training including objection handling

Perfectcar standard administration set up

Initial pre-opening/launch assistancecompanies etc.

What kind of revenue streams can you as the Master Franchisee expect? 

1 - Owner operated

The Master franchisee keeps some of the operations in-house and generates revenue from the services offered

 2 - Sale of Sub/Specialised Franchises

The Master Franchisee will be in a position to sell specialised franchises across the whole of their country / region. For example:

Example 1:

Sell a geographical area: A pre-defined geographical area (e.g. province/city/town) that includes ALL the business opportunities outlined in the Master Franchise section above. If required, this may also include exclusions e.g. exclusion of a national petrol station chain with which the Master Franchisee already has a separate agreement
Example 2:

Sell the rights to service a specific business opportunity:  An office block chain or petrol station chain within a pre-defined geographical area (e.g. province/city/town). This may include multiple business opportunities as outlined in the Master Franchise section

Example 3:

Individual franchise for specific business opportunity

The Master franchisee may also sell individual single franchisees where they have not already been sold under a bundled sub/specialised franchise agreement

NOTE: Resale prices of individual franchises/licenses or bundled franchises/licenses to business chains e.g. petrol stations, office blocks will be at the Master Franchisee’s own discretion although Perfectcar HQ will be there to advise you at all times.

3 - Revenue from product sales related to the sale of sub/specialised franchises

As the Master Franchisee, you will purchase the products at wholesale prices.

In addition to the resale income from licenses, monthly revenue streams are generated from product sales with an appropriate mark-up. This revenue stream is an passive income stream and will continue indefinitely and increase once more sites are opened.

4 - Retail

Product sales to all existing retail channels e.g. shopping malls, supermarkets, petrol station shops etc.