How does it work?

It can be compared with normal car washing without using a drop of water in the process. We wash every car by hand, causing no water or other kinds of pollution. Initially, the vehicle is inspected and any heavy dirt or debris is removed in our pre-clean process. Perfectcar exterior cleaning solution is applied to the exterior of the vehicle allowed to dry and wiped off and buffed to a high polish.
Our specialised product portfolio includes specific products for every section of your vehicle, interior and exterior and for any make of vehicle. We also ensure that all our staff go through specialised application and product knowledge.

No water, does it scratch?

Imagine dropping a stone into liquid wax, it will coat the stone completely and if moved on the car’s surface it cannot scratch or cause any damage. Dust or dirt is encapsulated by the cleaning product and removed with special polishing cloths causing no scratching whatsoever.
You can rest assured as our highly trained staff know how to service your car to perfection.

Why washing with Perfectcar?

Your vehicle will have a shine that is unequaled by any other car wash. Water dispersants will help keep the car cleaner for longer, and UV protectants will protect your paintwork. Vehicles automatically receive a protective/aerodynamic layer on all surfaces.

How long does it take?

Depends on vehicle size, dirtiness and number of staff members working simultaneously on the car.

Outside only: 10-20 min
Outside/Inside: 15-30 min
Mini valet: 25-45 min
Full valet: 45-90 min